Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My Favorite Lousiana Twins--And Precious Elise

Yesterday I was BRAVE..The boys and I jumped in the car and headed to Jackson to visit my friend Nicole--We had SO much fun! We went to my favorite restaurant..Kiefers..and I had already downed a pita mots before Nicole and her three little ones arrived...SO much for being one of those people that gets really skinny after kids...! I was so happy to get to see them! Nicole's little Elise is just such a proper little lady (she would definitely be betsy's favorite)and the twins are just full of spunk! Bennett loved the twins and seemed to be fascinated with them and little Lila just seemed to love life--so curious and FULL of personailty!! I can't wait until the boys get to that age so I can see their little personalities! Nicole is one of my dearest friends and has been my "GO TO" girl for twins! She always has the BEST advice, ideas and always has such a positive attitude...She was MADE to be a mom!--and her three little ones ADORE her..My other Lousiana Favorite, Shelley, couldn't make the trip--but The twins and I will be back in february--whether they want us or NOT :)
ON our way out of town we stopped by Millsaps again to see Swayze...I don't have any pictures (stupid D) but had SUCH a blast being with her...she is ALWAYS total entertainment and FULL of FUN!

Here are some pictures from out little adventure



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