Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fun Random Pictures

Dyer and Pops at the Beach

Wyatt loves to be in costume!

Dyer--Not so Happy to be shopping

Dear Friend From College--Nicole Parnell on her visit to Atlanta---Also has twins!

Love Bath time

Cousin Jane Anna---ANOTHER one with twins!

Hotel in Baton Rouge--Bored while daddy is at work!

May-May forgot Stroller after visit to Greenville--Bad May-May :)

Dyer's First Haircut--probably long overdue!

We think Wyatt wants to be a model--he LOVES to pose for the Camera--He really loves action shots

Dye-Dye hate the Beach--again--Wyatt posing for another action shot

Mommy and Dyer after a 7 hour drive without daddy--wheres the wine?

This scared Wyatt to death--i think he thought it was quick sand.