Monday, September 28, 2009

One home...One to go!

I have been such a slacker! I am so sorry! I do have a good excuse though.. I wasn’t feeling that great last Thursday and I called the OB’s Office and they said I needed to go to the ER immediately. I had some shortness of breath along with some other issues and they told me to go in..I walked into to tell Russell and then told him I thought it was a little extreme….I called the doctor back and they told me to go immediately..So OFF we go back to Piedmont to check into the ER..I think the doctors thought I had a blood clot, but it turned out I just had fluid in my lungs..I don’t think it is a big deal and just have to go back this week to check up on it..But we spent about 7 hours in the ER and once again Russell was back and forth between seeing me and going upstairs to see the boys! We came home and I think I slept about 35 out of the next 48 hours. I feel much better now and FINALLY think I am now on the road to recovery! Lets HOPE!—I am not sure how much more Russell can take!
On a better note…Dyer came home yesterday! We are so happy to have him with us! I was so sad to leave Wyatt behind but hopefully we will have him home tomorrow! Dyer rocked our world last night and Russell and I realized we are DEFINITELY amateurs! That baby would breathe wrong and Russell and I were BOTH up making sure he was still alive…Lets hope we get a little calmer with time!
We only have 8000 pictures of Dyer’s arrival, but I am just too tired to download them! I promise I will do so tomorrow! Over and out!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still hanging out in the NICU

Baby Wyatt and Big Wyatt

Wyatt--drunk on milk!--No more tubes...well--except a a little
feeding tube but we don't count that!!

Dyer--Sound asleep in his sweet blanket Mrs. Thackston gave him

Wyatt again--dazed and confused..

Dyer--A few days ago
Dyer and Wyatt are doing great! They are both eating and slowly but surely gaining weight!We thought Dyer may come home today, but now this weekend is looking to be more realistic! They just want to make sure he DEFINITELY has his eating down before they send him with us! They are sending him home with a breathing monitor so he will have that for a month or two..Kind of scary –but if he stops breathing –this machine starts screaming so we have to then remind him to breathe… As scary as it sounds, I think it will reassure me he is okay the more I get used to it! The doctor has told us that the boys can’t have visitors for 1.5 months..We definitely hate this, but obviously are doing everything we are told at this point. We just want to get the twin tigers as strong as we can---and then the party can begin!
I am slowly but surely recovering and now the only pain I really have is from the spinal block they did and not really from the c-section…I think I forgot to write about the spinal block—But a couple of days after the c-section I started getting terrible headaches—they figured out my spinal tap had leaked and they had to take blood out of my arm and put it in my back to fix it..It really was wild….But it worked and now no more headaches but I am just sore from that little procedure.
Russell is doing great and is really better with the boys than I am. I just feel like I am about to break them while he looks like a natural
Dogs are good but they know something is up….Not sure what is going to happen when the little ones arrive..but don’t fret—I am sure we will document every move they make so I will definitely post!
All for now!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Making Progress!

Russell got to hold Wyatt for the first time today!

Below is a picture of Dyer...he seems to be so laid back and I haven't heard him cry once! He is eating through a bottle every other feeding and then they feed him through the tube the other times..Hopefully they will increase him to every feeding through a bottle soon! He is so cute and just really started opening those eyes today...I am THINKING he may come home this week...They haven't told us that, but I am hopeful!

This is a picture of Wyatt above...I hesitated even posting this picture with all the wires, but he is doing FANTASTIC!! I promise it looks worse than it is! He had so many tubes before this that this seems like nothing to me! He has now been moved into the room next door and is right by Dyer! I really don't think they look that much alike now that I have seen them beside each other! ..I got to hold him today and he is now eating through a bottle rather than the feeding tube! We are so proud of him! He is a FIESTY little thing...he is ALWAYS trying to pull his wires out and is always kicking those legs! I think Wyatt may be our DIVA!

Russell and I got home yesterday and no--we have NOT forgotten about the PUPS!! They were THRILLED to have us back and we were SO happy to see them! We gave them a hat of Dyers to sniff and check out and Bama proceeded to try to tear it up! It was hilarious..We are hopeful he doesn't do this to Dyer or Wyatt. We will let you know!

I am finally on the mend and my spinal block seemed to "take" so no more headaches!

Russell has been a champ and finally got some good sleep today...We are about to head up to the hopsital to see the boys one more time today and then Russell will be cooking out on the grill! Hopefully next weekend he and the boys can cook out together!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 2

It is day two and we are anxious to see the boys! They are both now in the NICU and I have only gotten to see them once. I was able to hold Dyer, but haven't been able to touch or hold Wyatt. Russell will get to go see them both again at 8 today and hopefully I will get to see them again this afternoon. They are both being fed through an IV and getting help with oxygen, but hopefully they will be on their own soon! They are definitely the biggest babies in the NICU (which we are thrilled about), so hopefully they will not have to stay in there too long!

We just found out yesterday around 7 that the boys would be making their arrival so soon! My platelet count was low and on Tuesday A.M. they tested it again and it was even lower...So they scheduled us for a c-section at 12:30. My sister was able to hop on a plane and make it, and mom and dad arrived a couple hours later! Russell's mom and Aunt Lynn were here so everyone got to see them for a while until they whisked them away to the NICU!

They had me on some medication yesterday that made me completely crazy! I threw up about twice an hour, fell asleep about every 30 minutes and then talked uncontrollably until I would pass out again! The last "side effect" may not have been the drugs but may have just been my me :)......But I told everyone that would listen that there was NO possible way I could EVER be a drug addict because I absolutely hated the way this made me feel....I thought that the statement was so hilarious that I repeated it to everyone and anyone that would listen!! I am now on some new drugs which are making me feel a bit more normal! I may have to stay a bit longer than they thought because of the low platelet count thing but they will just continue to monitor me. We are hoping that baby dyer will be out of the NICU today or tomorrow but they said that Wyatt would be a bit longer! We will keep you updated!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twin Tigers

Gaines Dyer Fields-6 pounds 9 ounces

Dianne, Russell, and Dyer

Dianne and Wyatt

Wyatt James Fields-7 pounds 8 ounces

Babies will be here today!

They just came to tell me that the babies will be here by 12 or 1! My blood count went down to 74,000--which isn't good..But it means They will take the babies today!!!! YEAH! We can't wait! Will post pictures asap!!!!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in the Hospital

We are back in the hospital because I am so swollen I look HUGE! They ran some tests and my platelet count is is 95,000...Apparently anything below 100,000 is low...So--they will take my count again tomorrow at 7 and we should know more then. If it has stayed the same then they will just monitor me. If it is lower then they will probably go ahead and do a c-section tomorrow. The boys may be here within 24 hours! We will keep you posted!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some Big BOYS

The Doctor has scheduled my delivery for September 28th..I cannot BELIEVE I am going to be pregnant for 2.5 more weeks...I am HOPING I will go into labor earlier than that..They measured them on Tuesday and they think they weight 6.6 and 6.3...I think they will be Johanna's Size by September 28th. People stare at me WHEREVER I go now..It is going to be a long 2.5 weeks...!!! Will keep you updated!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Still getting bigger...

Another Doctor's appointment today and nothing new....Still pregnant...Still on bed rest....and Still getting bigger....What a shocker! :) My mom is still here taking care of me and my house is SPOTLESS..I love it! Russell will be back on duty tomorrow night so we will see how he does! No signs of delivery yet!