Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Still getting bigger...

Another Doctor's appointment today and nothing new....Still pregnant...Still on bed rest....and Still getting bigger....What a shocker! :) My mom is still here taking care of me and my house is SPOTLESS..I love it! Russell will be back on duty tomorrow night so we will see how he does! No signs of delivery yet!


Nicole said...

Considering you are on full bedrest, I was hoping for some longer posts. Want to know how you are keeping busy all day, which I am sure you are finding a way to do.
Keep growing those babies!!!
Love and miss you!

Davis and Suzanne said...

More frequent post please. No excuses. Have you caught up on all the Dr. Phils?
I have seen look great!

Therese and Bush said...

Yay! I am so glad that all is going well. Keep us posted.

The Meacham Family said...

wow! i am impressed. you are all baby and i know that tummy will be back to normal soon.

i so anxious for the arrival. i want you to post reports of russell and his diaper changing skills. i bet they are going to be a hoot. escepecially with the a little twist from you.

Nicole said...

David here, i like how you keep wearing black shirts for your pics to try to slim down that belly. Man, that thing is getting out there. Nicole was __ inches when she delivered at 36 weeks. (I had to blank that because she would kill me if i actually posted her twin belly measurements). Email me if you want to know.

Keep cooking and I look forward to meeting Bear and Saban when they are born.