Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still hanging out in the NICU

Baby Wyatt and Big Wyatt

Wyatt--drunk on milk!--No more tubes...well--except a a little
feeding tube but we don't count that!!

Dyer--Sound asleep in his sweet blanket Mrs. Thackston gave him

Wyatt again--dazed and confused..

Dyer--A few days ago
Dyer and Wyatt are doing great! They are both eating and slowly but surely gaining weight!We thought Dyer may come home today, but now this weekend is looking to be more realistic! They just want to make sure he DEFINITELY has his eating down before they send him with us! They are sending him home with a breathing monitor so he will have that for a month or two..Kind of scary –but if he stops breathing –this machine starts screaming so we have to then remind him to breathe… As scary as it sounds, I think it will reassure me he is okay the more I get used to it! The doctor has told us that the boys can’t have visitors for 1.5 months..We definitely hate this, but obviously are doing everything we are told at this point. We just want to get the twin tigers as strong as we can---and then the party can begin!
I am slowly but surely recovering and now the only pain I really have is from the spinal block they did and not really from the c-section…I think I forgot to write about the spinal block—But a couple of days after the c-section I started getting terrible headaches—they figured out my spinal tap had leaked and they had to take blood out of my arm and put it in my back to fix it..It really was wild….But it worked and now no more headaches but I am just sore from that little procedure.
Russell is doing great and is really better with the boys than I am. I just feel like I am about to break them while he looks like a natural
Dogs are good but they know something is up….Not sure what is going to happen when the little ones arrive..but don’t fret—I am sure we will document every move they make so I will definitely post!
All for now!

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Nicole said...

Oh my goodness they are SOOOOO PRECIOUS!!!!!! I cannot wait until they are cleared for visitors and I can get my hands on those little tigers. Give them lots of kisses!! Hope you feel better soon D. You are a trooper!!!!!!!!!
Love ya'll.