Wednesday, December 9, 2009

how did i ever live without the PODEE?

Just like my friend nicole said "we like to move it! move it!"-we have been on the RUN....traveling all OVER the place!..and i am exhausted but i HAD to upload this..My friend Kathleen sent it to us and I don't know HOW i have lived without it! They looked so funny using it today! They loved it! This makes my life SSSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOO much easier..I have always propped their bottles (I know--bad mommy) but Wyatt was ALWAYS kicking the bottle off (remember--he is our diva--total diva move)--or it would slide,etc..I think this may be the answer to our prayers! Don't worry--I won't set their new funnels up and leave them alone--but I will definitely love having a free hand for a minute!

The holidays are HERE! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mary Susan Costanzo said...

I love reliving my life through your pics except.....where the heck were these with C&T were babies? Love it!!!