Saturday, August 22, 2009

First trip to the Hospital

Just wanted to post a little update on our status...We had a High Risk Doctors appointment yesterday and when we went in I was having contractions that were 5-6 minutes apart...They checked us into Labor and Delivery immediately where I have just been hanging out for the weekend…..They have been giving me shots to stop the contractions so hopefully that is working!! The Doctor just came back in and said I hopefully can go home tonight! But they are saying it is bed rest from here on out! MIZERABLE!
I have sent Russell to get a new car to try to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers deal..Can't wait to see what he comes home with! If it is a minivan, I may just fall over and DIE...NO OFFENSE TO ANY MINIVAN DRIVERS!! I am just NOT there yet!
We are hopeful that we can last a little bit longer with the twins. I am 32.5 Weeks so hopefully we can make it to at least 34..We will keep you updated!


kate, nick and myrt said...

can't wait to hear about the big purchase - glad to finally have your blog address...good luck, we'll keep the fields in our prayers and hope like hell that those babies listen to their mother's wishes and hold on just a little look fabulous!! love, kate

Nicole said...

David here, I think Hummers qualify for the Clunkers deal. Glad to hear that you weren't just avoiding my call but actually busy posting the update. Looking forward to the big day in a few weeks.

The Meacham Family said...

wow! what a saturday. i am glad that you did not deliver. take care of yourself and also enjoy the bed rest. you will never get it again.

i will be thinking about you!

Amanda said...

The Saltino Family can't wait to see the Fields take care of yourself, and those two inside!!

Sam and Andrew said...

Goodness! What a wild weekend! I am so glad that the doctor's have been able to mitigate the contractions. Can't wait to meet these little guys. As for the car - very exciting! Keep us posted on what Russell brings home :)